Guys!! The bestest product I’ve ever used on my skin and hair…..

Ok.. soo you all need ‘organic virgin coconut oil’ – I swear by this! Firstly it smells amazing, secondly it works wonders.

I get asked soo much about how I’m keeping my hair shiny/silky/healthy, now I genuinely hate cutting my hair unless I’m going for a drastic change other then that I won’t be touching it. So I had to do my research on what to use on the tips of my hair to stop it from breaking/looking damaged or drying up and the organic coconut oil was it!! I’ve been using it for a few weeks now and my hair is already feeling like its brand new 😉

As for my skin, its combination with some scarring because of breakouts/acne and some uneven skin tone. I have gone through sooo many products its unreal throughout these years, its a joke! Spent soo much money, wasted it and I just wanted to find something affordable and natural. I read that coconut is good for many things, hair and skin seemed to be two of those things. I’ve also been using it on my face/body for a few weeks. I apply it once a night thoroughly messaging it into my skin until it feels as if its almost not oily anymore. my skin is super soft and the marks have faded remarkably!! It’s shocking because this is just a natural product that I feel doesn’t get raved about enough .

Overall I personally recommend buying this if you want shiny/healthy hair and you want even skin which feels soo smooth! it works wonders and super affordable!

you can find it in any food/health store or even online

I really hope this helps its worth the try.. I promise 😉

Lots of love … Shaz x