SHEIKH BEAUTY LASHES NOW AVAILABLE The long awaited lashes have been custom designed by Shaz in partnership with Rmoosh. Order yours today.

Everything a woman needs

The limited edition Sheikh Beauty lashes by Rmoosh are hand-picked and custom designed to suit any occasion. Perfect for wearing casually during the day or styling with your outfit for the evening.

Sheikh Beauty lashes come in 2 styles; 'Shaz' which are a thicker and slightly catty style for a sultry look. 'Noora' lashes are a lot more wispy and girly, an ideal accessory for any occasion.

Designed by Me, for you

Hey guys!

Okay soo... I've been working super hard to launch these lashes and to make them as perfect as possible for you all. I hope you love them as much as I do!! Being in the industry for around 8 years this has been a long time coming and I'm so glad I have you guys to share my first ever product with! enjoy 😉

I also want to say thank you for all the support you give me .. It plays a huge part in what I do and I always want to better so I appreciate you all

Lots of love...

100% Animal Friendly

Our real mink lashes are totally cruelty free, obtained by gently brushing live animals, without harming them. This gentle, meticulous procedure ensures that no animals are harmed during the entire harvesting process, while preserving the quality of the harvested fur. In addition, every single lash(es) are sterilized and hand assembled to ensure quality and durability.

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Sheikh Beauty Lashes in 'Shaz' shaz
  • Thicker and slightly catty style for a sultry look.
Sheikh Beauty Lashes in 'Noora' noora
  • Wispy and girly, an ideal accessory for any occasion.